Sheraton Tucson

sheraton-tucson-hotelEvery once and a while a review deserves that extra little “congratulations” for making my life so much more less complicated. These days with two more little ones hanging around me I have to be extra careful. My short kudos are to the people at The Sheraton Tucson Hotel and Suites in Tucson, Arizona. This hotel came as a recommendation from a friend of mine whos student also attends University of Arizona and I must say it was a stay that impressed me all the way. I am used to the amenities and customer service from resort hotels that this one can certainly boast it’s level of service right along with them. The people were enthusiastic and you could tell that they really enjoy their work. There was no need for me to leave the premises because everything was right at the location. I turned around and wrote a fantastic review in TripAdvisor but sometimes you need to boast on your own space about a job well done. I will certainly be revisiting this place in my future stays while visiting the university again.