Motorcycling Addiction

IMG_20150607_125717At one time in my garage I owned eight different motorcycles. Dirt, street and even a scooter were all parked side-by-side. After riding my entire life since age 14 I had finally sold everything I had, including all the gear I acquired over the years. I have ridden in the most beautiful places in the world including England and the Philippines.

Seven months went by and I just couldn’t take it anymore. Seeing bikes on the street or in the back of trucks made me crazy. I felt like that dieter that finally gave up the sodas but barely could watch as other people enjoyed themselves with the same refreshment. Last week I finally broke down and purchased a used motorcycle. Well, not exactly used with only 2K miles on it’s clean odometer!

I must say that it feels great to ride again. It is something I hope to be able to do until I am almost to the grave. I think I might just like this a little longer.