Homeland Security Overview

95655190SO, I have finally completed the United States Immigration process on three family members and I have to say that that out-dated government procedure needs an enema. I have never been so angry about the streams of people that simply walk across our border demanding rights and privileges without any sort of checks and balances. My background and personal life was poked and prodded as Homeland Security made sure the girls were immunized and deemed not a “financial drain on the American taxpayer.” Yet, I can drive into neighboring Costa Mesa and see school overcrowding with portables to accommodate both illegal and anchor baby immigrants. The process took ME, an American citizen almost two years to complete. It’s one reason you sit and wait for hours in a hospital emergency room. Fitting that I just saw an episode of Law and Order SVU last night downplaying the entire illegal “human” aspect of it. I often wonder about those who have loved ones, parents and siblings who are STILL waiting. It’s quite a shame….