“First Responders” Trend

I certainly praise the efforts and the braveness of our first responders during these times. First responder used to mean the first medical and police personnel that arrived on a scene in an accident or tradgedy. There has been sort of an advertising trend among businesses to offer free or discounts to these people.

It’s really turned into an “I want people to feel good about my business” marketing campaign than an actual let’s help the people that really need it. First responders are still receiving paychecks! It’s the small business people that are suffering more and that need the discounts more than the first responders, they are the ones not producing income during this pandemic time. While it’s great to praise our medical, police, and fire personnel, many people don’t have a clue where their next meal for their children is coming from.

I just think it’s a real shame that marketing people just don’t get it.